Virtual office - your domicil in Hamburg

Looking for a business registration in Hamburg?

We provide:

- Company registration address

- Mail service / digital mail box

- German phone number (VOIP)


Prices from as low as 99 Euro per month for a registration adress, acknowledged by German trade register..

Brexit: You want your business to remain in EU?

We offer a partly way out of the brexit desaster. Register your company or a subsidary with us. That will get you a german tax number and you can start over inside EU.

Business registration in Hamburg, Germany

You are looking forward to start a business or to expand your local business to Germany, we offer you the basics. What ever you are planning, it always starts with a residence for your business.

It is the corner stone and foundation to start with. Every firm in Germany needs an address to be registrated. Without a postal address there is no tax number, telephone, bank account, insurance cover, employees, various permits etc.

Usually it is not easy to find a residence from abroad. And if you spotted one, the next challenge is the rent contract. You'll find out that there is a lot of hidden costs and problems until you receive your keys. And probably you are caught in a minimum 3-5 years contract, usual is 10 years. Further you need someone to look after your place, which is costly too.

And there is more challenge to face:
In Germany we use (paper) mail a lot. Every bank, phone company, eletricity and water services, municipality, tax authorities, chamber of commerce, company register court and so much more will contact your firm by mail. And if a letter bounces back, your business will face immedeate and sometimes serious problems.

That is our service for you

It is essential that your business has an official postal address, a local phone and someone who is present to receive mail and parcels. And that's exactly what we offer. Especially for a small budget.

  • We offer the registration address
    All you need to do is signing a simple service contract with us. And you can terminate our service monthly - no long term trap.

  • We provide you with a phone number
    Because the phone is internet based with a german provider, it offers you many benfits. Perhaps you can use it from everywhere on earth, all you need is an internet connection. Your phone will find its server an function immediately. And costs are very small. Another important fact: You can keep your number, after relocating your business.

  • We receive your mail
    Every working day we receive your letters and parcels. Letters will be scanned and forwarded to you by email. Also possible is an upload to your server, dropbox or other storage services. The scanned mail will be archived. If necessary we forward the orginals to you (shipping costs apply).

  • Spam and fraud mail will be sorted out and shred.
    You may not expect this, but there are plenty of costly mail traps you can step in. Every new registered company will receive many letters appearing to be official and necessary to be signed an returned.
    They use a lack of legal protection in B2B matters. Even many german business starters fall for this. We are your shield, saving you up to thousands of Euros

  • Monthly termination of our service
    Many of our clients need us just for a couple of months, then they move on to there on places.
    When ever this occures, we let you go within one month period. And you can keep your phone number, because all you need is an internet connection. But you know this already.

How to start? Right here:

Office service agreement
This is our standard service agreement. Just download, print and send us the form completed and signed by mail (not email). Also attach a copy company trade register and/or personal identy document with prove of physical address (municpality or electricity bill in your name).
office service agreement 2017 06.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 433.9 KB

Don't hesitate to drop us a line by email. We'll reply within short notice and send you more detailed information about our services.